Anapalli Convention Center is situated in Nellore and is a popular destination to organise larger-than-life events. From hosting a wedding to planning a corporate event to informal gatherings, this convention center is a perfect place to match all expectations. The majestic and royal white structure adds an extraordinary touch to any event hosted here. This convention center can easily accommodate a guests of 2000 people without any hassles of parking and catering. Our professional staff are recognised to help organisers hold a great event with flawless planning from decoration to welcoming to catering. It’s the perfect place to host your big event here!


Looking for a perfect venue to host your dream wedding?

Anapalli Convention Center is known for the perfect wedding destination. Tie-up your traditions to this spacious venue that can easily accommodate your guests and add an extraordinary touch to your special day! From organising to hospitality, this convention center is the right venue to capture your special wedding moments and light up the wedding mode!


The ideal ambience to conduct corporate events. From hosting a corporate
launch to a formal meeting to conventions to training programmes, Anapalli Convention Center is the right spot to conduct your business events and gatherings. We have highly trained and experienced staff to help you achieve your goals, offer you with free high speed internet access, exceptional food and drinks menu.


To host an event with ease is what our convention center believes in. We craft packages that would suit your requirement and help you conduct get togethers and other informal events with ease. Baby showers to Birthdays to Anniversaries to what not, there are many occasions to celebrate, and this convention center is the perfect spot to live and cherish every event. These events are once-in-a-lifetime events that needs to be flawlessly executed, our trained professionals take you through the best service and help you host an incredible gathering.