Choosing the right venue for any corporate program reflects on the company’s image. ACC lends brand value to any company, given its majestic structure and facilities. Usually, corporate consists of seminars, training sessions, get-togethers, sales meetings, and more. Our vast space allows the guests to relax and socialize during breaks.

ACC’s well-equipped stage and acoustics enable the companies to have high-quality sessions.

Unlike hotels, our staff’s undivided attention will be on the event and its guests to ensure there are no hiccups. We also have professional AV staff to handle any audio-visual requirements for any tech stuff to avoid embarrassing moments.

After a day’s long session, corporate executives look forward to a relaxing evening in the open air, and our two spacious lawns of 10,000 sq. ft each can give you just that.

In conclusion, ACC offers a professional team that ensures a smooth service with first-class amenities that can bring any event to life and makes your company shine.