Known for being very spacious, ACC has enough elbow room that can easily accommodate more than 2000 people at a time. 

Apart from the usual weddings and corporate events, other events like exhibitions, expos, birthday parties, political rallies, galas, fundraisers, religious activities can also be held here.

It’s evident that exhibitions attract a countless number of visitors at all times. They need to be regulated at entry and exit points in an orderly manner properly.

ACC’s parking can accommodate 450+ cars that can come in handy during such events. If you’re worried about management, our top-quality team is well equipped to handle any occasion. 

Our 15,000 sq. ft. hall during exhibitions facilitates stalls of ample size to display all their products properly.

This hall also makes the perfect venue for grand birthday parties, leaving enough space for a lot of entertainment and games for the kids.

To sum it up, ACC is the ideal choice for any event which will make your event happy and unforgettable.